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The present study aimed at determining the degree of the use of modern educational techniques by teachers of Arabic language in teaching in Kuwait, and the difficulties of using them in the teaching process from their point of view, in light of the contemporary educational trends; and its relation to the variables of sex and teaching experience. A random sample of (180) male/female teachers was selected. The researchers developed a study tool consisting of (37) items distributed into two fields, which were verified for their validity and reliability. To answer the study questions, the researchers used frequency, percentage, averages, standard deviations, t- test, and mono-variance analysis. The study found that the degree of use of modern educational techniques in schools was high, and showed the existence of several difficulties facing the teachers of the Arabic language when using them, in light of the contemporary educational trends, which was moderate. Moreover, there were no significant differences in the degree of difficulties in the use of modern educational techniques in light of the contemporary educational trends from Arabic language teachers' point of view in the State of Kuwait, due to sex and teaching experience variables.

Based on the results, the study recommended some of the most important recommendations:

- The importance of providing the entire necessary educational environment for the use of modern educational techniques in schools.

- Training students and teachers on computer use.

- Training in the use of information and communication technologies in teaching.

- The need to make modern educational techniques an essential tool in the process of education at all levels.

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