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The study aimed to identify the reasons for the reluctance of the Palestinian masses to attend professional football matches. The study sample consisted of (24) technical managers and supervisors of the Palestinian professional football league in the football season (2015-2016).

The survey found that the level of evaluation is generally high and ranked first as the "occupation" with a relative importance of (83.60%). In second place came the "media" category with (80.0%), followed by "social and personal axis" The "technical level" at (71.8%) and ranked fifth and final axis of "administrative and security measures" by (68.40). The researchers attributed this to the systematic Judaization policy practiced by the occupation in all areas in general and the sport field in particular.

The researchers recommend working on challenging the occupation, insisting on proving sports identity, and attending the stadiums for its impact on the technical level of the Palestinian player in terms of physical and planning. They also ensure the importance of activating the role of sports media aimed at sending a national message through different media channels, in addition to the role of The Palestinian Federation in providing good services and facilities and attraction for these masses.

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