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The study aimed to investigate the effect of using the integrated learning strategy on the achievement of the students of the University of Jordan in the subject of "Geography of Jordan". The sample of the study consisted of two divisions، one of which was the experimental group (27)، while the second was the control group (29) students. A 30-question achievement test was developed to measure the impact of the use of the learning strategy built into the academic achievement of the sample members. The validity and consistency of the study instrument was verified.

To answer the study questions، the arithmetical averages، the standard deviations of the study sample، and the ANCOVA analysis were calculated. The results showed the following:

A significant difference was found between the average achievement scores due to the variable of teaching method and the benefit of the experimental group studied using the integrated learning strategy.

The study recommended using the integrated learning strategy that was applied to Jordan geography students for the bachelor's degree at the University of Jordan، in addition to the use of a teaching method based on the integrated learning strategy by faculty members constantly، which may contribute to increase students' achievement. Moreover، the study recommended designing learning programs based on integrated learning strategy.

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