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The study aimed at recognizing the degree of practice of gifted people schools principals in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia to controls of the educated organization from the point of view of teachers. The researcher used the descriptive surveying method. A random stratified sample was selected from (310) male/ female teachers (West، Central، and East) in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. To achieve the objective of the study، a questionnaire was constructed consisting of (54) paragraphs divided into five areas. The results of the study showed that the degree of practicing of principals of gifted schools in Saudi Arabia to the controls of the educated organization from the point of view of their teachers was moderate in all fields. Moreover، there was no significant difference in the degree of practicing the controls of the educated organization due to the variables (gender and experience)، except for the field of (personal empowerment and mental models) and for the benefit of the experienced (10 years and more).

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