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This study aims at identifying the level of the behavioral problems and its variation according to the degree of intellectual disability, age, and gender of individuals. The study consisted of 165 individuals of males and females characterized with mild and moderate intellectual disability aged between 3 and 21 years from three age groups: childhood, adolescence, and adulthood who attended Alshafalah Center for the intellectually disabled in Qatar. The degree of the behavioral problem was measured by the “Peterson and Quay, 1977 RBPC, Behavioral Problem Checklist” with “Ahmed’s 2008 edit”. The results of the study showed that concentration, anxiety, and withdrawal problems were of a medium level. On the other hand, behavioral disorder and hyperactivity are not considered problems according to the mean result. The results also revealed that individuals with moderate intellectual disability have a higher level of behavioral problems compared to those with a mild intellectual disability where males have a higher incidence of behavioral problems than females. With regards to the results of the study, the mean scale of the adults was higher compared to childhood and adulthood in some behavioral problems.

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