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This study aimed to identify the level of students’ acquisition of concepts of security awareness in the curricula of Sa’d Al Abed Allah academy for security sciences in the state of Kuwait. Also it aimed to explore the effect of gender on students’ acquisition of security concepts. The analytical and descriptive survey methodologies were used. The sample of the study consisted of (77) male and female second year students selected purposively, and they represented (20 %) of the study society which reached to (387).

The researchers prepared conceptual test with (35) items. The results of the study indicated that the level of of students’ acquisition of concepts of security awareness in Sa’d Al Abed Allah Academy for Security Sciences was below the accepted average. Also the results revealed that there were no significant statistical differences in students’ concepts acquisition attributed to gender. The researchers recommended taking into consideration balance and comprehensiveness in the security concepts in the books which are indorsed in Sa’d Al Abed allah Academy for Security Science.

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