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This study aimed to determine the impact of playometric training on improving vertical jump distance and power among volleyball players at northern Jordan clubs. Experimental method was applied on a purposive sample that consisted of (36) volleyball players divided into two experi mental groups with 18 playesr for each. The first group participated in jumping over a jumping box of a height of (0.45) meters.while the second group participated in hurdles repeated jumps over (0.45) meters. The training program consisted of three days sessions per week for (8) weeks The vertical jump test was used to measure the vertical jump distance and the Lewis Formula was applied to mesure the vertical jump power.

The results revealed that the first experimental group produced significant improvement in all the study variables. As for the second group, the results showed significant improvement in vertical jump distance while there were no significant statistical differences regarding power. The results also revealed that there were significant statistical differences regarding all the study variables in favor of the first experimental group.

Based on the results of this study، it was concluded that using depth jump (45cm) was significantly better than using hurdles repeated jumps for youth volleyball players.

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