Jerash for Research and Studies Journal مجلة جرش للبحوث والدراسات

Jerash for Research and Studies Journal مجلة جرش للبحوث والدراسات


The study aimed at identifying the effect of Brand on consumer’s perceptions and

purchase decision-making using the analytical descriptive approach. The population

of this study consisted of customers of international brands famous stores in

Jordan, while the sample population consisted of (85) members out of (100) which

were Valid for statistical analysis. The data was collected randomly by means of a

questionnaire, which was developed for this purpose. The statistical analysis using

(SPSS) version (22) of the social sciences package was used to analyse the data along

with; frequencies, averages and standard deviations. The study concluded that there

is a statistically significant effect of the characteristics of the brand, brand’s design

and brand’s symbol and on consumer perceptions and his/her purchasing decisionmaking.

Accordingly the study recommended that companies and brans shops

should pay more attention to brand’s and customer’s care and their drivers of purchasing

behavior, especially in the target market of each company, in order to gain

the full satisfaction of the needs and desires of consumers, and so that companies

can achieve the spread and effectiveness and success. Brands must also check the

full credibility of their advertisements and avoid misleading and deceiving of consumers