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Objective: This is an inductive sociological incidental study of the Corona virus pandemic crisis. Methods: Used through epistemological readings and analysis of the content of a number of writings, studies and opinions, with the aim of providing an in-depth social vision of what is happening in the world from forced changes to interpretations, predictions and foreseeing the future of society constructively and functionally . Results: The Corona virus crisis is a pandemic that has caused and will bring about rapid and urgent unplanned changes in social and global systems, patterns of thinking, behaviors, ethics, values, leaderships, priorities, alliances, relationships, interactions, roles and status, and will have political, economic, social and security requirements and costs. The pandemic and its effects has not ended yet, and the important thing at this stage is to monitor changes, track events and observe how they affect the behavior of individuals and society. Conclusion: Necessity Forming alliances at all levels to deal with the results of this sudden change in a way that guarantees global societal peace, and that individuals, societies and governments must adapt to the new situation and accept and agree with developments despite their lack of conviction in them, and sociology is concerned with facing these challenges through the change in its directions, interests and questions. Theories and methods.

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