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Electronic management has become the backbone of modern society and it is imperative to apply it in all organizations to keep pace with the progress in information and communication technology. Electronic management changed the traditional methods of performing work and thus turned to modern methods of providing services as quickly as possible and with the least effort and cost possible, and working to provide services easily and with high efficiency. The actual implementation of electronic management works to develop and enhance management work systems in a way that ensures employee performance more accurately, efficiently, quickly and in a short time without the need for direct effort or movement between the various departments surrounding the organization as a whole. From this point of view, the aim of this research is to identify the reality of electronic management in the Gulf Petrochemical Industries Company (GPIC), as well as on the level of job performance, in addition to knowing the impact of electronic management in its administrative and security dimensions on job performance. The results of the analysis showed that Cronbachs alpha coefficients for the survey tool were high (0.97), this indicates that it has a high degree of reliability, which makes it valid and suitable for collecting data for the research. The research concluded with a set of conclusions, the most important of which is that the senior management is working on preparing employees and encouraging them to use electronic management, and that the company has legal rules for applying electronic management programs. The study made many recommendations, the most important of which is that there should be good planning by the management to prepare employees for the implementation of electronic management, by conducting the necessary training courses and educating employees about the importance of electronic management.

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