Journal of Statistics Applications & Probability


In this paper, Burr Lindley (BL) distribution is constructed as a composition structure between Lindley and Burr distributions to induce a more flexible model for the hydrology data than its parents where it has decreasing and inverted bathtub shapes for the hazard rate function. Several statistical and reliability properties of the BL distribution are obtained, such as the behavior of its density and hazard rate functions, survival and residual life functions, Shannon entropy, limiting distributions and characterization via right truncated moments. For parameter estimation, the maximum likelihood estimators as well as the Fisher information matrix are investigated. Moreover, the simulation study is performed to examine the performance of the parameter estimates in terms of bias and mean square error. A real data application in hydrology field is modeled to the BL distribution and compared with other well-known distributions, to illustrate its performance. Based on goodness of fit tests, BL distribution has a superior fitting performance to hydrology data than the compared distributions.

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