Journal of Statistics Applications & Probability


Branding in higher education gives institutions an identity that locates them in the social world. Although the promotion of branding assists in innovative ways to promote the development of a product or service, the contribution is equally as important as recognizing that branding goes beyond the promotion. Branding essentially holds corporations and institutions, such as higher education institutions, accountable for the worth of the product or service they offer. Branding is the intangible feature an organisation or institution upholds and delivers. The implications of branding initiatives in higher education are shown to be beneficial in the overall success of an institution’s identity, enrolment, marketing strategies, and recognition. Branding is an important aspect to consider fostering the reputation of Higher Education Institutions (HEI’s). However, the process to include aspects related with branding is not an easy task. This paper describes a study of the inclusion of Branding Methodology in some Indian HEI’s.

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