Journal of Statistics Applications & Probability


Although young people in Egypt (15-29) represent about 27% of the total population (Central Authority for Public Mobilization and Statistics, 2017), many studies have shown that so far this enormous human potential has not been taken advantage of and serious and effective steps have not yet been taken towards empowering young people, and until sustainable development is achieved - the post-2015 agenda associated with the empowerment of young people in Egypt, there must be young people who can and will be able to change. During the development of a national strategy for youth empowerment and activation, one of the most important requirements for the development of the strategy is a good follow- up and evaluation system capable of measuring the empowerment of young people in Egypt, which measures the level of empowerment of Egyptian youth in order to improve their situation, so it was necessary to build a composite multidimensional guide that would help identify interventions needed to improve the level of empowerment in general, and even to intervene accurately at any level of dimension, in addition to working to improve Egypts position at the international level in terms of empowerment and development of young people. The study aims in general to identify the levels of empowerment and development of young people in Egypt by building a guide to measure all possible dimensions of youth empowerment and development through a scientific methodology and measurable indicators, to analyze and evaluate the situation of young people in Egypt.

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