Journal of Statistics Applications & Probability


In many agricultural and allied research, the response of a particular plot of a block may not only be affected by the treatment which has been applied to that plot but also may be affected by those treatments which have been applied to the adjacent plots of that particular plot. Such neighboring treatment effects become the major source of bias which may be reduced if neighbor balanced or strongly neighbor balanced designs are used. Strongly balanced neighbor designs play an important role to incorporate the neighbor effects. Method of cyclic shifts (Rule I) provides minimal strongly balanced designs for some combinations of v and k. For the remaining cases, the method of cyclic shifts (Rule II) provides their better alternates which are minimal nearly strongly balanced neighbor designs that are highly efficient to estimate the treatment effects and neighbor effects separately. In this article, some new construction procedures are developed to obtain minimal nearly strongly balanced neighbor designs in blocks of (i) equal sizes, and (ii) two different sizes.

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