Journal of Statistics Applications & Probability


The Covid-19 pandemic has crippled the economic activities of so many nations across the globe since its outbreak in 2019. This study is focused on the resultant effect of the covid-19 pandemic in terms of standard of living, perception of economic and security situation of Nigerians. This study used a non-parametric approach involving Spearman rank correlation and Mann-Whitney U to analyze primary data acquired from NoiPolls’ online administration of questionnaires during the Covid-19. The result obtained from this study depicts that there is a significant relationship between the security situation and perception of the country’s economic situation. The standard of living of Nigerians was studied alongside their perception of the economic situation and we observed that there is a significant relationship between these two. This was also examined based on gender, the Mann-Whitney U test was used to check if there exists any form of difference between males and females based on the security situation, economic perception, and standard of living. The test result showed that there is no significant difference in the standard of living of both males and females but significant differences were observed in the economic perception and security situations. A bar chart was further used to visually assess these differences where it is seen that females feel more secure compared to males and females feel less satisfied with the country’s economic situation compared to the males.

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