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Metabolic syndrome represents a cluster of metabolic abnormalities that includes hypertension, obesity, insulin resistance, cardiovascular, immune diseases and atherogenic yslipidemia, so we are a need for new dietary, lifestyle, and therapeutic options, include fasting emerged as a dietary method proposed for controlling metabolic risk factors. Intermittent fasting has gained attention as a diet for endemic diseases to metabolic health, hence there has been an increasing search to develope innovative therapies to decrease spread metabolic diseases. So this research was aimed the effectiveness of a suggested indicative program to measure cognitive experiences towards the importance of intermittent fasting regimen and its impact on endemic diseases in Najran region. Thirty volunteers persons from Najran region to awareness them towards the importance of intermittent fasting regimen and its impact on endemic diseases, the results showed that volunteers not have any awareness about the health benefits of intermittent fasting toward endemic diseases, thus, due to the awareness, increased them awareness about the intermittent fasting particularly, obesity, diabetic, and blood pressure diseases. The results have showed reduction and improvement post the intermittent fasting in the parameters such as, body weight from 95±1 to 68±1 kg, body mass index from 37. 58±1 to 25.1±1.1 kg/m2. Also, The laboratory results have showed reduction and improvement in blood glucose level from 170.5±1.8/ 95±2.0 to 126±0.2/79±0.1 mg/dl, triglycerides from 230.4±3.0 to 201±1 mg/dl, total cholesterol from 237.9±1.2 to 198±1.2 mg/dl, uric acid from 9.3±0.1 to 3.6±0.2 mg/dl, Creatinine 0.9±0.11 to 0.72±0.2 mg/dl, ALT from (31.6±1.1 to 14±0.2 U/L, AST from 23.5±0.8 to 13.5±0.1 U/L and blood pressure level from 159±2/ 110±3 to 123±1/ 86±1.1 mm/Hg respectively. Conclusion: This research recommended by using the intermitted fasting diet as lifestyle due to its importance of endemic diseases as diabetic, obesity, blood pressure also immune diseases as cancer and covid-19. Also, it is one tool which has been proposed by health experts due to its benefits on weight management and cardiovascular health.

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