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Hotels guests and employees have acquired a huge number of studies and research, while the security department staff, who are responsible for the hotels security and customers, did not get the researchers attention. Therefore, the study is conducted to highlight an important section in the hospitality industry that has been neglected. The quantitative approach was utilized to explore the impact of Job Stability, Work Environment, Hotel Administration, Salary and Incentives, Functional Justice, and Employee Expectation on the security staff’s Desire to Continue Working at the hotel. An online questionnaire is designed and sent to the directors of the security department of the hotels. Results revealed that Hotel Administration, Functional Justice, and Employee Expectations impact their desire to continue working at the hotel. The study has contributed theoretically to fill this gap in the literature caused by the scarcity of studies that targeted the work health of the security department staff. The study also contains many practical aspects that help hotel management pay great attention to the hotel security department.

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