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Saudi Arabia


The study aimed to identify the most important uses of Saudi youth for Saudi newspapers websites and their interaction with them. This is a descriptive study, using the survey method. The results showed that social media is the first source of news for 82.6% of researchers, and Saudi electronic newspaper websites are the second source for 46.4%. Alyaum is in the front of the sites followed by 44.9% of researchers, and Riyadh electronic newspaper by 36.3%. The field results show the interest of the sample of Saudi youth to browse these sites for various purposes, especially to see the most important news and topics. 68% of researchers are sending electronic feedback to the published content and then participate in the published opinions. 92% of researchers are due to the reasons for the interest in following up and using these websites; To quickly post news and browse, and it doesnt take a long time to see them. In addition to continuously updating news and supporting it with photos and videos, 59% of researchers confirmed that the information published is more accurate than social media sites. The researchers did not interact with the news; 43% dont care about participation, and 30.9% dont feel the importance of writing a comment. While 9.8% of researchers do not react for fear of legal liability, they also refrain from interacting because the newspapers website does not publish their participation.

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