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The paper investigates the relationship between employee management and organizational performance in Dubais five-star hotel industry. The social survey technique was used to collect, categorize, and analyze data in order to draw conclusions that meet the research objectives, as the questionnaire was administered to workers in five-star hotels in Dubai to gather data that answered the research questions. The researcher collected 283 copays from 500 surveys, but only 247 were complete and usable. To determine the reliability of the measurement items for each variable, an internal consistency check was performed. The study found that organizational performance is positively correlated with employee management, and that organizational systems, structure, and physical environment all have an impact on employee management, as well as employee management having an impact on organizational performance. Employee management is one of the strategies used by hotels to improve their performance. The health, success, and expansion of any business are heavily dependent on its employees ability to get along with one another. Positive interactions among coworkers increase workplace productivity.

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