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This paper discusses the creation of an integrated worldwide system based on integrating and linking automobiles with VANET, IoT, and AI technologies, which will have a substantial impact on the smart, safe transportation system. This paper aims to apply a proposed project to a specific area in Jordan to examine the projects viability and its impact on reducing the accident rate by controlling traffic with special traffic rules in the study area using a cloud database that stores all the private information for each car and receives information about the cars speed as it travels. When a driver exceeds the speed established by the Traffic Department, he receives warning messages informing him that he has over the speed limit, and if he does not respond to the warning messages, he gets a fine. The research focuses on optimizing the utilization of VANET network services, which is crucial for enhancing public safety applications involving data exchange between automobiles and RSUs. The simulation was conducted using OMNeT++ version 5.7 on Debian 11, Linux 5, and GNOME 3 operating systems. As a network simulator, it is a scientifically approved open-source tool

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