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The study aims to identify the problems of students with learning difficulties from the point of view of their teachers according to multiple domains and determine the level of the prevalence of the difficulties among the sample group in relation to the variables of the study (gender, educational experience, educational stage, emirate) from the viewpoint of their teachers. Also, determine the order of the emergence of these problems among the sample study, and the significance of the differences in these problems are known according to the study variables. To achieve these goals, the researchers prepared a scale to measure these problems that included three areas: (social, psychological, and academic). The sample of the study consisted of (65) male and female teachers; They were selected as a purposive sample. The results showed that the level of prevalence of problems was moderate and that the order of problems among the sample study was as follows: social problems first, then psychological problems, and finally academic problems. The results also showed that there are no statistically significant differences in the problems of students with learning difficulties from the point of view of their teachers, according to the study variables: gender, educational experience, and educational stage. As for the emirate, there were differences in the academic and psychological dimensions in favor of the emirate of Dubai, and these differences did not appear in the dimension of social problems.

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