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The relationship between diplomacy (as a communicative effort and relations) and human rights issues is one of the most prominent features of modern countries and its most important topics in dialogues and meetings among them. Therefore, this paper comes to provide a critical reading of the general image of refugees in international diplomacy and media. The paper adopts the critical approach through extrapolation and analysis of several studies and cases witnessed by some countries of the world. The results refer to; The international practice has contradictions occasionally with the international refugee protection law. Also, the diploma tic behavior of countries towards refugees differed, and he was most cautious, and it justifies not responding to many cases of humanitarian asylum, especially refugees fleeing from security threats. Finally, the image of refugees in the international press, especially the European press, is very negative towards Arab refugees, as it portrayed them as a threat to the security and economy of countries, while treatment was different with Ukrainian refugees fleeing because the Russian war on their country.

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