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The article desires to examine the impact of FDI on PI with a sampling of 10 selected Arab countries from 2000- 2021. For further analysis, the study used OLS. Test method with fixed and random effects model, and after making Haussmanns test and accepting the Alternative Hypothesis (H1), the study used the fixed effects model. The results confirm the presence of crowding in reality, which indicates that FDI encourages PI in only one model. Aside from this, the delayed PI has a positive and essential impact on herself in the coming period reflecting stagnation in the direction of PI in the beneficiary nations. In the complete panel sample, thither is a significant negative effect between inflation and PI, there are some macro elements that as per capita GDP, electro, domestic credit, and labor force, which were positive and not statistically significant, while trade openness was negative and not statistically significant.

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