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The purpose of this research is to analyse the perception of digital shoppers in the United Arab Emirates (UAE)., A survey was conducted, which included: students, employees, and professionals from different fields of UAE society. The findings show about 89 percent of those surveyed are familiar with online shopping and some of them are found comfortable that their personal information is kept confidential. Some participants still have concerns about the safety and the accuracy of online shopping. The findings show that about 45 percent of those surveyed think that online shopping is still risky. The results also show that about 20 percent of the surveyed population believe that delay in product delivery, lack of accuracy on websites, and information insufficiency are reasons services that do not comply with the needs of buyers and therefore still prefer traditional shopping over online shopping. The study concludes that there is a need for building safety awareness among shoppers which companies need to focus on. Furthermore, companies need to continually improve its offering of online services. This will result in providing customers with accurate information and in enhancing the products’ time delivery.

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