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International advisory bodies have developed guidelines for testing mercury and aquatic items to protect human health and international trade. The mercury absorption in fish has a great effect on human health. For modeling this problem, a new bivariate distribution using the proportional hazard rate (PHR) model with Kumaraswamy marginal called BKPH is derived and studied via statistical properties and reliability measures. Moreover, several methods of parameter estimation are discussed, including maximum likelihood estimation (MLE), method of moments estimation (MME), and inference function for margins estimation (IFM). In the simulation study, the performance of estimators depending on their estimation methodologies is compared. Finally, a comparative study of the proposed BKPH with several bivariate Kumaraswamy distributions via goodness of fit criteria was introduced. The results of the study proved the potentiality of the BKPH model and has a best fitting on mercury fish absorption data.

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