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Saudi Arabia


This study aimed to monitor the level of actual impact in the purchasing decision of Saudi women on social media ads, by standing on the average daily exposure rate of social media ads and how to be exposed to those ads, and to identify the most social networking sites whose ads affect womens purchasing decisions, and to monitor the extent to which social media ads affect womens purchasing decisions in its four stages: (Awareness - interest - desire - action), and to identify the economic repercussions that may result from being affected by social media advertisements in purchasing decisions. This study comes within the framework of descriptive studies through the survey methodology and the questionnaire tool, the results of the study showed a high rate of exposure to social media ads by 41% in the first place, and the highest category was female students, as it turned out that the highest percentage in how to be exposed to social media ads is unintentional exposure ،It was also found that the Snapchat application came in first place in terms of the percentage of viewing the members of the sample on the ads published through it, by 22.4% of the sample members, while the second place came the Twitter application, where the percentage of the sample members browsing its ads was 21%, and the results of the study showed the high impact of social media ads on the purchasing decision of women in stages: Knowledge, interest and desire, compared to the fourth stage, which is the stage of action, where it became clear that other factors may affect the purchasing decision of women, and it was also clear that there are negative economic repercussions resulting from the impact of responding to social media ads on the financial situation of the category of female employees by 31.60%.

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