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This paper develops a secure model for mobile government (M-G) applications using effective privacy methods and validates the model through semi-structured interviews with eight Jordanian e-government experts. The experts emphasized the importance of M-G applications in enhancing services such as bill payments, civil services, civil defense, and police services. To improve privacy, the experts suggested methods such as strong textual passwords, data encryption, login tracking, SMS login confirmation, and signup confirmation. Based on these suggestions, a prototype with suggested privacy features was developed using Android programming, and a questionnaire was administered to 150 Jordanian citizens who confirmed the ease of use and usefulness of the proposed privacy model. This paper expands the acceptance of M-G applications and recommends privacy methods to improve their security. The study highlights the importance of security and privacy as acceptance factors for M-G applications in developing countries and suggests that further studies can investigate advanced privacy and suitable security methods for M-G applications in other developing countries.

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