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The research team is keen to provide a new thinking approach characterized by creativity and innovation to achieve the principles of sustainable development, both environmentally and economically. Thus, the team thought about how to preserve the environment by using worn-out clothes and accessories that are not usable again or through recycling instead of disposing of them permanently in a way that harms the environment while emphasizing the economic aspect and reducing the cost. The research team invented artworks with an antique touch as accessories to contemporary clothes, based on the Shabby Chic style, which is one of the economical styles that reuses old worn-out items and mixes them with simple modern ones to create an atmosphere of simplicity and elegance. It is a method used in interior design that combines elements of old furniture with simple design, soft colors, and classic touches that give the house a comfortable and attractive atmosphere. This is the reason why the research team applied the rules of this style with clothes and their accessories attempting to provide inexpensive and creative solutions to be the basis of a small successful project that goes with the new trend of entrepreneurship, in line with the events that the whole world is witnessing nowadays; and this is the most prominent goal of the research. The research followed the descriptive approach with analysis and application. It included a questionnaire to measure the opinions of experts about the suggested designs, and a questionnaire to identify the opinions of consumers about the suggested designs as well. The findings suggest that Shabby Chic Style could be used to create contemporary designs for clothing accessories that meet the principles of sustainable development and entrepreneurship.

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