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Saudi Arabia


This paper aimed to examine the Buying behavior and awareness among the active community of 4.54 billion web-based users (59% of the Global populace) and their concerns over the issue of Climate Change, environment-friendly practices, recyclable packaging, safe and human-grade products, and services appeal to the sensitivity and culture of the digitized platform users. The online survey method was used to collect data from 482 participants via an online questionnaire. This study derived data from an ethically/commercially motivated online survey (n = 482) (used PLS-SEM Modeling for the analysis of complex latent variables) from the UK, USA, Canada, Pakistan, and Saudi Arabia, to determine general domestic buying/consumption patterns and preferences; most narrowly related with the concern/responsibility/awareness of disruptive climate change. The studys findings established positive relationships between Clients and conceptions patterns of everyday buying for contributing to climate change and environment-related consumer buying practices. The study suggests both challenges assumed wisdom about environment-related user behavior patterns and suggest future projected gaps for 2030-2050 for future research. The experts perspectives offer an inclusive chronicle on vital facets of this imperative topic as well as views on related issues plus artificial intelligence, driven social and digital Green Marketing complexities, gaps, and limitations in the contemporary research, bonding Green Marketing with buying complexities, climate change and especially clients transformed online buying behavior.

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