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Cloud computing offers many benefits to governments, including increased efficiency, flexibility, and cost savings. However, there are also significant challenges to adopting cloud computing services. In the case of the Jordanian government, some of these challenges include concerns about data security and privacy, lack of technical expertise, limited funding and resources, and cultural resistance to change. This paper examines the challenges faced by the Jordanian government in adopting cloud computing services and evaluates their impact on government institutions. The study collected data from three local telecommunications companies in Jordan to identify potential challenges and assess their significance through a questionnaire. The results indicated challenges that negatively affected cloud adoption, including performance, usability, and cost, as well as challenges that positively impacted adoption. Maintenance and information security challenges were rated as the most significant challenges. The study recommends promoting awareness, offering training programs, and conducting feasibility studies to overcome these challenges and improve cloud adoption. Future research should expand the study sample and investigate additional challenges impacting government organizations’ adoption of cloud computing services.

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