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This study is intended to identify challenges and obstacles associated with intellectual and antiterrorism agency at IRAQ security institutions and to explore ways of confrontation from the perspective of personnel of the inmate. Study is based on social survey of study population using analytical, descriptive method. The approach was commensurate with study population size, and was chosen on availability and the right standard to achieve intended objectives of study. This Study summed up with the following findings and results : - intellectual and antiterrorism agency at IRAQ security institutions patterns rampant among inmates of security institutions are extremism, radicalism, intellectual deviation about Jihad and the adoption of ideas and behaviors alien to the this problem and the governments rule. - The best anti-deviant ideology ides and programs are religious guidance based on moderation and face-to-face with detainees lectures by religious scholars and teachers. The most effective preventive measures and programs to stop the spread of deviant thinking involve among the youth Muslims and promotion of correct religious understanding, and proper social upbringing. The impact of intellectual deviation on the young can take the form of self- destruction (suicidal behavior) to punish the others. It can also lead to family disintegration and crimes. Key counter-intellectual deviation measures are adopting sound understanding and showing proper caring for prison inmates and their families.

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