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The paper develops proposed mechanisms to enhance social capital management in Arab universities. The descriptive approach is used to achieve the research objectives. The research sample consists of 611 faculty members from Arab universities randomly selected to answer the questionnaire on the reality of social capital in Arab universities. The research instrument consists of two questionnaires consisting of 48 items to measure social capital management mechanisms in Arab universities. The findings indicate that the degree of reality of social capital in Arab universities is medium with a mean of (3.47). The results also show that their approval regarding the suggested proposals is high, with a mean score of (4.87). Given the previous findings, the research recommends that the university should establish stable partnership networks with national and international universities in common areas, strengthen horizontal organization to empower faculties and scientific departments, have a common vision to generate a collective agreement among all beneficiaries to develop university work, consolidating teamwork skills and values, and provide contacts who carry important information for the professional life of faculty members.

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