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Recreation directly affects the factors that create personality. It can evoke feelings of well-being, and satisfaction related to positive identity, growth, creativity, balanced competition, character, mental capacity, individual dignity, physical condition, socialization, and coping attitude. All these characteristics are correlated to one degree or another with public health and welfare. The article aims to study, present, and analyze the changes in out-of-home recreational activities of Bulgarian citizens under the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. The following methods were applied: desk study of the content of specialized literary sources; analysis of reports and official documents of national organizations; process monitoring; formal and informal interviews with specialists; and expert analysis. The primary empirical data for the article were collected through a questionnaire survey. As a result, people’s attitudes towards recreational activities were surveyed, with and without restrictions, and the key changes were studied and systematized. The analysis focuses on changes in recreational activities in the following areas: (i) time used for out-of-home recreation during the COVID-19-related restrictions and after they were lifted; (ii) the change in the types of recreational activities practiced after the restrictions and motivation for that were lifted

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