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This paper develops proposed vision for enhancing psychological capital management as a gateway to achieving competitive advantage in Arab universities. The descriptive approach and prospective analysis approach are used to achieve the research objectives. The questionnaire is used as a research instrument. The research sample consists of (513) faculty members randomly selected and 199 experts selected using the stratified purposeful sampling method. The findings indicate that the overall mean of the reality of availability of psychological capital is (3.49) with a medium degree for all dimensions, as the highest dimension is resilience with (3.56) while the lowest dimension is hope with (3.43). The results also show there is a consensus among experts on the mechanisms for enhancing the management of psychological capital in Arab universities, as all dimensions achieve a high degree, as follows: hope (4.94), self-efficacy (4.87), self-resilience (4.86), and optimism (4.85). Given these results, the research develops a vision to enhance the management of psychological capital in Arab universities as a gateway to achieving competitive advantage including its objectives, starting points, elements, implementation requirements, implementation stages, those responsible for implementing the proposed vision, and obstacles to its implementation and methods to overcome.

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