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HR competence is a factor that influences employee performance employees have HR competence and high work motivation hence performance good employees come true. The research method used in research field using a quantitative approach. Data analysis method used multiple regression model analysis. The results of research on test results partial results obtained by the t-count value for the HR competency variable (X1) level significant in the HR competency variable of 0.01 <0.05 means significant, while the value of t table is 2.017 t count > t table (2.652> 2.017), meaning that the variable HR competence has a significant and positive effect on employee performance, the results of the partial test on the variable work motivation (X2) have a significant level of 0.01 < 0.05 means significant and the value of t table is 2.017 t count > t table (3.506> 2.017) means that work motivation has a significant and positive relationship on employee performance, and the results of the simultaneous test show the value of f count 11.123 while the value of f table is 3.22 therefore f count> f table (11.123> 3.22) and a significant value of 0.000 <0.005 means HR competence and work motivation simultaneously has a positive and significant effect on performance employee. Determination Coefficient Value R2 31% is defined as performance employees are influenced by HR competence and work motivation, meanwhile the remaining 69% is the influence of other variables not examined in this research, such as commitment, personality, and loyalty.

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