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This study investigates the intricate relationship between Entrepreneurial Orientation (EO) and Knowledge Management (KM) in the unique context of Yemeni banks. Employing advanced statistical methods, including Structural Equation Modeling, the study explores the multifaceted connections among EO dimensions—namely, Proactiveness, Innovativeness, Risk Taking, and Competitive Aggressiveness—and their influence on KM. The research adopted a Survey correlation design, targeting supervisory positions in Yemeni banks, with a sample of 282 participants. Findings reveal that EO dimensions collectively account for 75.2% of KM variability, indicating a robust overarching relationship. However, the individual dimensions yield distinct outcomes: Proactiveness is found to lack statistical significance in influencing KM, whereas Innovativeness significantly and positively affects KM practices. Conversely, Risk Taking exhibits no substantial effect on KM. Notably, Competitive Aggressiveness emerges as a potent driver of KM, emphasizing its pivotal role in shaping effective knowledge management strategies. This study provides valuable insights for both academia and practical applications in the fields of entrepreneurship and knowledge management.

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