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In this paper an attempt is made to provide a ratio estimator based on two auxiliary variables to estimate the mean of a survey variable when the means as well as the coefficients of variation of two auxiliary variables are known. It is an extension of [1] ratio estimator based on two auxiliary variables, in the sense that the assumptionof the coefficients of correlation between variable under study (y) with auxiliary variables equal [] is relaxed. The mean square error (variance) of the suggested estimator, up to terms of order n-1, is obtained. The usefulness of the estimator is demonstrated with the help of examples taken from the literature. The performance of the suggested estimator with that of Olkin’s estimator is demonstrated empirically. Since the suggested estimator involves unknown population parameter d (= ), while in Olkin’s estimator (optimum)requires the knowledge of unknown population parameters such as 0201 and ,ρρyC, hence the performance is also studied by deviating d and from 0% to 30 % in either directions.

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