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The burr XII and weibull distributions are the most important and the most widely used distributions for the life time distribution as well as the wealth distribution. Burr XII distribution is mainly used to explain the allocation of wealth and wages among the people of the particular society. And weibull distribution is mostly used in the extreme value theory, failure analysis and the reliability engineering. In this paper, the classical properties of the mixture burr XII weibull distribution have been discussed. The estimation of the parameters and the construction of the information matrix are introduced. The var-cov matrix and the interval estimation of the parameters are also proposed in the paper. Cumulative distribution function, hazard rate, failure rate, inverse hazard function, odd function and the cumulative hazard function, rth moment, moment generating function characteristic function, moments, mean and variance, Renyi and Beta entropies, mean deviation from mean and mean time between failures(MTBF)have also been discussed.

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