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In this paper, we propose the method of Maximum product of spacings for point estimation of parameter of generalized inverted exponential distribution (GIED). The aim of this paper is to analyse the small sample behaviour of proposed estimators. Further, we have also proposed asymptotic confidence intervals of the parameters and the estimates of reliability and hazard function using Maximum Product Spacings (MPS) method and compared with corresponding asymptotic confidence intervals and the estimates of reliability and hazard function ofMaximum Likelihood estimation (MLEs). A comparative study among the method ofMLE, method of least square (LSE) and the method of maximum product of spacings (MPS) is performed on the basis of simulated sample of GIED. The MPS method outperforms the method of MLE and the method of LSE. Furthermore, comparison of different estimation method have been proposed on the basis of K-S distance and AIC. For numerical illustration one real data set has been considered.

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