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Highly active antiretroviral treatment is the life time treatment given for HIV/AIDS patients in order to reduce HIV related mortality and morbidity. Even if, the treatment is given to reduce the HIV mortality the reason of lost to followup from the treatment is unclear in most cases. The main objective of this study was also to determine the followup status and associated factors of HAART treatment for HIV infected tuberculosis patients during their followup period. The study considered a retrospective cohort 254 HIV infected tuberculosis patients whom age were 18 years and above taking HAART treatment at Jimma University specialized Hospital from February 2009 to July 2014. Chi-square test of association and multinomial logistic regression were employed to know the associated factors and their effects on the followup status patients taking HAART treatment. The result of the study showed functional status, marital status, use of chat, use of smoking and use of alcohol were factors that have significant association with HAART treatment followup status of the patients. Furthermore, the multinomial model showed baseline weigh, smoking status and functional status were factors that have significant effect for the death of the patients. For the transferring out of the patients to another Hospital from the HAART treatment unemployment was identified as a significant factor. Similarly,Functional status and smoking status were the factors that have significant effects for the missing out of the patients due to unknown reasons from the treatment. Based on the finding of the study having low base line weight, being in bedridden functional status category group and smoking were the high risk factors for the death of the patients from HAART treatment.Whereas, being in working functional status category group lowers the risk of missing out due to unknown reasons from their treatment. Furthermore, being unemployed work type was also the high risk factor for the transferring out of the patients to another Hospital from the highly active antiretroviral treatment at the study area.

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