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We propose an estimator for finite population mean of the study character in presence of non-response utilizing known coefficient of variation under stratified sampling by using the scrambled response to sub-sample the non-respondent on second call. It is assumed that non-response occurs due to sensitivity of the character under study. The main purpose is to increase response rate by protecting confidentiality of the respondents by using scrambled response model for sub-sampling non-respondents on second call in Hansen and Hurwitz [1946, Journal of The American StatisticalAssociation, vol. 41: 517-529] technique.We also propose a generalized ratio and regression type estimators under two phase stratified sampling. Proportional allocation method is used to allocate sample size at both phases. Expressions for mean squared errors (MSE) are derived up to first degree of approximation. An empirical study is carried out to observe performances of the estimators.

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