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In this study, we take an extensive study of the second-order response surface central composite design (CCDs). The partial replication of the central composite designs (CCDs) and its related studies are especially in focus. Earlier studies pertaining to the partial replication of the different portions of the CCD are examined and the findings highlighted. Even the later studies, which focused more on the properties and distribution of the prediction variance of the replicated variations of the CCD throughout the design region using graphical methods, were also reviewed. Research findings have shown that the optimum performance of the replicated variations of the CCD depends on the axial distance, α , and design region, cuboidal or spherical. No particular replicated variation of the CCD is consistently optimum in both design regions and for all the available axial distances utilized in exploring the second-order response surfaces using the CCD. However, replicating the star portion, in most cases, improves the designs′ performances. Areas for further research and extension of the concept of partial replication of the CCD were also highlighted.

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