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The present investigation was carried out on the basis of secondary data on development of infrastructural facilities for the period from 1984-85 to 2013-14. All the relevant data required for estimating compound growth rate as well as percentage changes over the base period were collected from published sources, annual reports and agencies of Jammu province of J&K State, Government of India. The need of the present study arose mainly to search importance of infrastructural items for agriculture growth in the region. The analysis has been presented in tabular form and the study is mainly descriptive in nature. The analysis of study found that there was significant increase in area irrigated by wells and tanks from 0.31 per cent and 0.33 per cent during period I to 1.41 per cent and 0.59 per cent in overall period, respectively; however, area irrigated by canals was highest 86.55 per cent.As far as development of physical infrastructural items were improved considerably and substantially in the region. As such, Surface road length and storage capacity for agricultural produce has increased by 31.02 per cent and 59.10 per cent, respectively, during the period under study.All infrastructural items have shown increasing trend in terms of percentage changes over the base period except number of godowns which decreased by 1.28 per cent over base period during the entire period. The analysis of study revealed that growth rate were positive for distribution of agricultural implements, road length both surface and unsurface, number of godowns, storage capacity and tube wells/ pump sets and negative for credit disbursements and electrification of villages during overall period under study. The study concluded that there is need to improve the flow of credit through financial institutions for the farmers in Jammu region.

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