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This study was undertaken to identify the factors that are responsible for making a FM channel popular among youth and developing a test battery for its performance assessment. Another research issue was to develop a FM channel rating point (FMRP) for rating the popularity of FM channels. Eighty university students (40 male and 40 female with mean(SD) age 20.9 yrs(+2.41 yrs) were selected as a sample for the study. A questionnaire was framed on the basis of available literature and experts views consisting 21 questions. After administering the questionnaire on the subjects in the sample, the data so obtained were subjected to the item analysis for improving the questionnaire. Seven questions were removed from the questionnaire by sacrificing only 2% efficiency in explaining the FM channels characteristics. Final questionnaire included 14 questions that was used to analyze the data. The data was analyzed by using factor analysis. Final questionnaire included 14 questions that were used to analyze the data. The data was analyzed by using factor analysis. Six factors were identified on the basis of eigenvalues and were named as 1) Resource quality, 2) Informative contents, 3) Sports briefing, 4) Regional Music, 5) RJs communication skill, 6) RJs Local dialect competencies. The total amount of variance explained by all these six factors was 69.937%. The first factor i.e. resource quality explained the highest amount of variance i.e. 19.613. By identifying two variables from the first factor and one from each of the remaining five factors, a test battery was developed for the assessment of FM channels. Weights were allotted to each question in the test battery on the basis of the variance explained by the corresponding factors. Finally, on the basis of these weights a criterion was developed to convert the responses of the listeners into a single index FMRP which can be used to compare the popularity of FM channels.

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