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We propose a new family from Burr XII distribution, called T-Burr family of distributions based on the T-R{Y} framework. For this family, we consider the quantile functions of three well-known distributions, namely, Lomax, logistic and Weibull, and further developed three sub-families T-Burr{Lomax}, T-Burr{Log-logistic} and T-Burr{Weibull}. Some mathematical properties such as quantile function, mode, Shannon entropy, moments, and mean deviations, of T-R{Y} family are obtained. One special model, namely, Weibull-Burr{Lomax} from T-Burr{Lomax} family is considered and its properties are obtained. This model is flexible and can produce the shapes of the density such as left-skewed, right-skewed, symmetrical, J, and reversed-J, and can have constant, increasing and decreasing hazard rate shapes. The usefulness of this model is demonstrated through applications to censored and complete data sets.

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