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We introduce a new class of univariate continuous distribution called Odd Burr-G Poisson family of distributions (in short OBGP). Four special sub models are considered odd Burr Weibull Poisson, odd Burr Lomax Poisson, odd Burr Gamma Poisson and odd Burr beta Poisson. We gave the mixture representation of the pdf and cdf of OBGP density, we also discuss the shapes of pdf and hrf of POBG family. We gave a comprehensive treatment of mathematical properties, such as, the rth moment, sth incomplete moment, moment generating function and mean deviations. We also discussed the Renyi and Shannon entropies and stochastic ordering. The model parameters are estimated by using maximum likelihood method and the expression for ith order statistics are given. A special model Odd Burr Lomax Poisson is discussed in detail. Simulation is carried out by using monte carlo method, to check the performance of the maximum likelihood estimates. Two real life data applications are carried out to check the efficiency of the proposed family.

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