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Purpose – In the past few decades, the antecedents of work alienation have been analyzed various times in several studies. The consequences of work alienation were also investigated in available literature. However, literature that is more recent seems to be incomprehensive, and does not incorporate both issues of antecedents and outcomes together simultaneously. Therefore, this study tends to focus on exploring the available extensive literature on theories of organizational antecedents and consequences of work alienation. Design/methodology/approach – A systematic literature review of traditional and contemporary theoretical and empirical research studies is conducted to establish the interrelationship between organizational antecedents and consequences of work alienation. This review consolidates propositions, and develops a conceptual and theoretical research framework that interconnects several variables. Findings – Organizational antecedents of work alienation are potentiallyclosely related to work alienation. More particularly, they have considerable potential to lead to work alienation and its consequences. More generally, the outcomes reflect the emerging discussion about the relationship of organizational antecedents of work alienation and creation consequences of work alienation. Research limitations/implications – This paper significantly contributed to the body of knowledge in the areas of antecedents and consequences of work alienation through reviewing literature, which is important in the discussion of the relationship between the current research’s variables antecedents and consequences of work alienation. The suggested model theoretically incorporates organizational antecedents and their effects on work alienation that will assist in identifying the general direction of future research. Originality/value – The formative review presented in this work by underlying the notion of work alienation as a liaison point between its antecedents and consequences has been somewhat limited in available literature to date.

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