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Community participation is one of the most effective tools for successful implementation of housing schemes for the poor in India as well as in all developing and underdeveloped countries. This article discusses the methodology of finding out relative weightage of factors influencing community participation in mass housing for the poor, which are already identified through extensive study of literature covering aspects like international experiences regarding peoples participation in housing including experiences of World Bank as well as United Nations, study of various models of peoples participation in housing for the poor prescribed in different publications, international best practices of community participation in housing for the poor, and so on. Few case studies of role of community participation in governmental housing programs for the poor in India have also been carried out and the factors identified are found out in the case studies in varied degrees of importance. Finally, a simulation model is developed through statistical analysis of data received through questionnaire feedback from experts in the field of housing in India. This model will facilitate determining degree of proper relative weightage to be given to various factors responsible for effective community participation while formulating a housing project for the poor in India for a particular location under a certain government program. Also, the model can be used effectively to prescribe relative importance to be given to factors influencing community participation while framing up guidelines of governmental housing programs for the poor in India.

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