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This study aimed to identify the role of Arab academies in educating students about the dangers of psychological influences of social media, and how the paths of relationship are formed between the degree of awareness of Arab academies of the functions of digital education and its roles in raising a critical mind among college students. The survey method was used in both descriptive and interpretative aspects, and it uses the questionnaire as a data collection tool. The study concluded that the most prominent indications of the awareness of faculty members about the concept of digital education and its functions are reflected in their assertion that the behavioral and moral sides are among the most prominent elements that constitute this concept, and that the educational dimension works next to the educational dimension in defining the roles of faculty members in digital education for students. In addition, female faculty members see that university students are keen on exposure to all types of content (negative, positive and balanced) available on communication sites with close averages, without weighing one type sharply over another. And that the most prominent effects of high exposure rates on communication sites on the mental health of students are determined by isolation, and then by a decrease in the degree of satisfaction with reality. A high percentage of female faculty members specializing in social and human sciences was noted, which increased the influence of the specialty factor, as most of them have a cognitive awareness of theories of psychology and theories of psychological and mental development and cognitive development of adolescents and young adults, which increases their awareness of the psychological risks of exposure to social media. On the other hand, the statistical analysis did not prove the existence of an effect for both age and academic factors on the evaluation of faculty members of the effect of exposure to communication sites on academic achievement.

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