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The study aimed to identify the degree of awareness of voluntary social work culture among the students of the Sociology Social work department, through the identifying their awareness of the concept of voluntary work, aspects of voluntary work, positive and negative attitudes towards voluntary work and difficulties prevent their participation in voluntary work In this study, descriptive-analytical method from was used. Intention sample of 297 sociology student used to collect data via questionnaire Social Science Package (SPSS) program was used to analyze data by using percentages, averages, and standard deviations to measure the individual differences in responses. The study results showed that there is general awareness among students regarding the concept of social voluntary work and the majority of the sample believes that volunteer work is useful and does not constitute a burden time from their daily life hours and do not affect their academic achievement. The results also showed no significant differences due to gender Varity in all study pivots except the pivot of difficulties prevent participation in social voluntary work which showed significant differences in favor of females The most important recommendations of the study: Conducting further studies using different and larger samples using different methods in addition to conduct certain mechanisms for motivating participation in social voluntary work by students. Well as increasing university interest in volunteer work through promoting a culture of volunteering by giving each volunteer work equivalent to their skills and abilities.

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